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Hi I’m Mon’ -


Monique Maitland is an enthusiastic Registered Midwife/Nurse from Melbourne, founder of The Middee Society & host of the podcast ‘Middee’. Mon created The Middee Society in 2021 when she realised that the fast paced maternity public system left little room for educating parents & that far too many women were unprepared & uneducated about not only labour & birth but more specifically postpartum. The Middee Society was born to empower women & their support network in a fun, informative, lighthearted & realistic way. The Middee Society has shed light on some of the biggest taboo topics as well as highlighted the glamorous highs & serious lows that come with parenthood. 


Mon practices in one of Australia's leading Obstetric hospitals in Melbourne across all aspects of pregnancy, labour, birth & postpartum - looking after both low risk & some of the highest risk women. Mon has also practices within the Special Care Nursery looking after premature & unwell babies - but it is Maternity & supporting women where her true passion lies. 


Mon’s aim is to educate & empower women & their supporters to feel well prepared for parenthood & beyond.  Ensuring they have the tools required to advocate for the labour & birth they desire.



“I had my baby boy this week, he's my fourth baby and my first completely intervention free physiological birth. Even though it wasn't my first rodeo I drew so much knowledge from your content & speaking with you. Thank you.”


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