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Birth Classes

Preparing to welcome a baby into the world can be daunting with so many unknowns & what ifs.

The Middee Society’s face to face & online birth classes will leave you feeling empowered + confident about your labour & birth. It is our aim to provide you with the latest evidence based education which will enable you to advocate for yourself & your desired birthing experience. 


Say goodbye to those generic textbook birthing classes…. Our classes are designed in a modern, fun, informative, lighthearted & interactive way!

Preparing for Birth:

  • Oxytocin - the powerful role it plays 

  • The pelvis + optimal fetal positioning

  • Decision making tools 

  • Antenatal expressing

  • Perineal Massage

  • The birthing environment

Officially a parent:

  • The immediate postpartum period 

  • What to expect in your hospital stay

  • What happens to my tits & bits

  • Looking after yourself - Birth recovery 

  • Breastfeeding Basics 

I think i’m in labour:

  • How to identify that labour is starting

  • How to best manage early labour 

  • What if my waters break?

  • When should you come into hospital

  • The birth suite

  • What role does a Midwife play?

  • Monitoring in labour 

  • Your pain relief options 

  • The power of breathwork & mindset

  • It’s a marathon not a sprint

  • Unplanned interventions/emergencies

Meeting your baby:

  • The second stage of labour

  • You're 10 cm what happens next ?

  • Passive descent 

  • Active second stage & pushing 

  • Optimal birthing positions

  • Delayed cord clamping

  • The Placenta 

  • The Third stage of labour 

  • Perineal Tears 

  • Supporting someone in labour

  • Modes of birth

Teamwork Makes the dream work:

  • Looking after your mental health

  • Sleep Deprivation 

  • Baby Blues & Postpartum depression

  • The Mental health of the support person

All face to face classes Included

  • Goodie Bag - Exclusive discount codes & product samples for Middee Mama’s (Partum panties, bliss birth tens, sudocream, multimam, haakaa + many more) 

  • Birth Plan Template 

  • Breast Milk Storage Guide

  • Lunch + Snacks

When is it best to complete these classes?

It is never too early to get started on educating yourself- but optimal timing of attending would be between 24 - 36 weeks.


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